Feminists blast Mike Bamiloye for ‘attacking’ pastors’ wives who ‘drag authority with their husbands’

Popular Christian filmmaker Mike Bamiloye is in the news again after taking shots at the feminist movement.

“Men and women may be equal, husband and wife are never equal,” Bamiloye wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

In another post, the filmaker took swipes at women, including pastors’ wives, whom he flayed for embracing the feminist movement and fighting for equality.

“Some pastors’ wives are feminists, fighting for equality in their homes and on pulpits,” he complained.

“They have weakened the foundations of their husbands’ ministry and seriously adulterated the sacredness of their marriage.

“Some ministers of God just allow peace to reign in their homes so as not to raise the dust that would sink the sailing boat.

“The ‘peace’ in some ministers’ homes is a camouflaged peace because the head of the home is submissive and doing everything the wife insisted be done.

“But the terrible inherent danger is that a terrible seed of rebellion and stubbornness is being unconsciously sown into the children’s heart, which would gradually begin to blossom uncontrollably.

“Any movement that questions any aspect of the word of God originates from the devil, the hater of the marriage instituted by God,” he said.

To single ladies, Bamiloye said:

“If you are a single sister, don’t join the feminist movement. The movement may make you miss the will of God for your life.

“If you are married, don’t join them either if you want to get the best out of your marriage. Feminism wants to contest the head of the home.”

Mike Bamiloye with wife Gloria.

Bamiloye’s comments have attracted criticism from different quarters.

Nollywood act Georgina Onuoha was one of the many that didn’t take the “anti-women” attacks with levity. She accused Bamiloye of hypocrisy in that his own wife, according to the actress, has a voice like feminists say all women should.

She also said people like Bamiloye are the reason women turn to charms to control unlistening spouses who only see their wives as sex objects.

“These are the kind of teachings and preaching from men of God that are suppose to be spiritual leaders to Nigerians, yet we wonder why women in Nigeria are seen as commodities, properties and are constantly abused by the society,” Onuoha wrote on Instagram.

“Yet, this same pastor has enjoyed the dividends of feminism because we all watched his wife grow up as a part of his ministry.

“I hope someone tells him that his wife being able to have a voice and be part of his production is the textbook definition of feminism.

“I pray he understands that his daughters are as important as his sons and as such should be treated equally and accordingly.

Georgina Onuoha.

“It is teachings like this that has dimmed the light of so many women in Nigeria because they cling to the words of their pastors while denying themselves the abilities to attain their full potential.

“Demanding equal pay, same respect, right to lead and be heard is not a sin. The Bible never taught any of us that. So many pastors continue to take advantage of the scriptures, perverting it to soothe their own fragile masculinity.

“Women, demand what is due you, honor your father and husband but never let anyone tell you that you are not enough, not even your pastors.

“Any woman wanting to claim head of the family is sick upstairs, hence the head can not stand without the neck. If you are a man or woman that wants his or her daughter to be treated differently because of her gender, raise up your hand. It is because of such teachings that our girls and women have been reduced to kayamata (love charms or sex objects or both).”

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