Zhao Yan: China’s Richest Woman and Self Made Entrepreneur

Zhao Yan Net worth

Zhao Yan Stats
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: January 01, 1967
  • Country of Origin: China 
  • Age: 57 
  • Source of Wealth: Biotech/ Entrepreneur
  • Net Worth: $7.7 Billion 
  • Height: Unknown

Did you know Zhao Yan is one of the richest women in China and also the world? The self made entrepreneur and billionaire was born in Beijing, China. She leads Bloomage BioTechnology and Bloomage International Investments Group, which are popular businesses in Hong Kong. 

As of July 2024, Zhao Yan’s net worth is stated to be around $7.7 billion.

Though we are scratching the surface on how Zhao Yan was able to gather the wealth she has today with this introduction, join me as we discover in detail what she did and how she did it. 

Zhao Yan’s Early Life

Zhao Yan was born on January 1, 1967, in Beijing, China. Zhao Yan followed her passion for science and earned an undergraduate degree in biology from East China Normal University. Later, she furthered her education by obtaining an MBA from Fordham University in New York.

Zhao Yan’s Career

Zhao Yan is the chairwoman of Bloomage Biotechnology, a popular Shanghai based company known for producing hyaluronic acid, a vital item in making skincare products. Hungry for more, Zhao Yan was not satisfied with just supplying ingredients she produced and so, she expanded into skincare lines like Biohyalux, offering facial creams, gels, masks and so much more.

In 2000, Bloomage Biotech began producing hyaluronic acid using microbial fermentation, earning recognition for its achievements. In 2004, the company received approval to use sodium hyaluronate in medicines, and its first factory opened in Jinan in 2005. By 2007, Bloomage had become a leading global producer of hyaluronic acid. In 2012, another branch was established in the U.S., followed by the launch of Gabarelax Gamma Aminobutyric Acid in 2015. In 2022, Bloomage ventured into the collagen market, introducing collagen raw materials. Additionally, the company markets hyaluronic acid-infused candies and bottled water.

Unlike other richest women such as Alice Walton and Francoise Bettencourt whose wealth came mostly from inheritance, Zhao Yan’s wealth comes from her successful leadership of various business ventures, including Bloomage BioTechnology and Bloomage International Investments Group.

Zhao Yan’s net worth as of July 2024  is an estimated $7.7 billion.

Zhao Yan’s Business Ventures

Aside from her roles as chairwoman of Bloomage BioTechnology and Bloomage International Investments Group, Zhao Yan has diversified her business profile beyond biotechnology. She is involved in real estate, finance, and sports as well as holds a stake in BBMG Corp, an investment holding company. 

BBMG Corp is engaged in property investment across various segments, including cement, building materials and commerce, logistics, property development, and property investment and management.

Zhao Yan’s Personal Life

Not much is known about Zhao Yan’s personal life, as she keeps it very private. There are no details about her marital status, children or family life, but reports suggest that she is married.

Zhao Yan’s Spending Habits

Though details of whether or not she spends her money lavishly or not aren’t available, one thing that is known for sure is she spends her money on charity. Zhao Yan directs millions of her money to different charity organizations and supports various causes as well. 

Zhao Yan’s Awards and Achievements 

Zhao Yan’s remarkable achievements have garnered significant recognition in recent years. In 2020, Forbes China hailed her as one of the “Most Outstanding Business Women of China.” Just two years later, in 2022, she was honored again, this time as one of the “Top 10 China Economic Persons of the Year 2021.” 

Her contributions were further celebrated when she received the prestigious title of “National March 8th Flag Bearer of the Year 2021” in March of the same year. In 2016, Zhao Yan Won the EY Entrepreneur of The Year China 2016 Award.

Zhao Yan’s Philanthropy

Zhao Yan is committed to preserving and promoting endangered traditional cultures, channeling her efforts into meaningful initiatives. One notable project is the “Yun Zhong (In Cloud) Series,” which she curated and launched in collaboration with the Times Art Museum in Beijing. 

The initiative founded by Zhao Yan in 2011, operates as a public welfare brand under Bloomage Biotech. Its main aim is to discover, preserve and safeguard China’s cultural heritage through various mediums such as art exhibitions, music, dance, cuisine, and more. 

Zhao Yan is also a huge player in gender equality and supports the inclusion of women in different areas in the society. Her company “Bloomage” has always promoted and encouraged women in workspaces.

Favourite Zhao Yan Quotes

  • “Life must be enriched from within, explored from the outside, and a positive, healthy mindset is the springboard to happiness.”
  • “Our dream is to become the UBER of medical beauty industry, which every customer can benefit from.”
  • Looking ahead, Bloomage will continue to focus on developing new technology and products to achieve a more diversified product structure. Meanwhile we will constantly implement our innovative strategy to keep us ahead of the competition, striving to achieve long term and all round development for the group. 

3 Lessons to learn from Zhao Yan

Seeing as we have an understanding of Zhao Yan’s life, here are 3 lessons we can learn from her:

  1. Follow Your Passion 

One thing to take away for sure after reading the story of Zhao Yan is the drive to always follow what you are passionate about and what is important to you in life.

  1. Be Diverse 

Do not limit yourself. It is important to know that everyone can be involved in not just one business or even hobby and most times branching out from the norm is the best way to go.

  1. Be a Good Leader 

Having good leadership qualities is an attribute that is very scarce and can take you places you wouldn’t imagine as well as help you make important decisions in life, especially business.


Zhao Yan is the chairwoman of Bloomage Biotechnology, known for producing hyaluronic acid, essential for skincare products. In 2020, Forbes China hailed her as one of the “Most Outstanding Business Women of China.” As of July 2024, Zhao Yan’s net worth is estimated to be $7.7 billion.

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