Gbadamosi Ismail: Here’s what you should know about Nigeria’s viral ‘Lori Iro’ preacher

You must have seen the video of a man urging Nigerians to stop dishing out lies and empty promises.

In the video, the evangelist, now identified as Gbadamosi Ismail, kept saying “lori iro”, a Yoruba term that means “based on a lie”, to address the scourge of men and women who promise partners or potential lovers heaven on earth all in a bid to gain access into the regions beyond their undergarments.

Ismail’s sermon is particularly instructive for all as lovebirds celebrate Valentine’s Day. It also has applications for politics, business and other areas of life.

A video of the preaching has gone viral online with many Nigerians finding it funny.

Ismail, who has been getting radio interview invites since the video surfaced in the public square, says he is happy his message is spreading like wild fire.

According to a post about him on his Instagram account, @evangismail, he says he preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ with everything he has and is.

Ismail has also joined Twitter in an apparent bid to bank on his sudden fame to garner followership online.

“I do not know if there will be a day like this, where every video that people take while I am preaching, will become popular, and it will be useful,” Ismail said.

“Many are filming it so that they can laugh, others to make fun of me, and for others, they hear the truth of my preaching.”

He said he did not care why they recorded him preaching as long as it was a way of “delivering my message”.

Ismail described the stream of interview invites he is getting as new doors through which he can spread his Christian message.

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