Sharia law has given Northern Nigeria nothing but insecurity — Reno Omokri

Former presidency media aide Reno Omokri has warned against the introduction of Sharia law to Nigeria’s south.

Omokri, a Christian who worked under ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, said the North has nothing good to show for its observance of the Islamic tenet.

His comments followed calls for the Senate to implement Sharia law in the South via a constitutional amendment.

Omokri wrote the following in a social media post on Saturday.

“Does the Southwest need Sharia? Nigeria already has Sharia in the North.

“How has it benefited the North? Before Tuesday, October 26, 1999, when Sharia was introduced by Sani Yerima in Zamfara, you could travel anywhere in the North without fear of abduction or kidnapping.

“Schoolchildren where safe at school. We had no genocide in Southern Kaduna. There were no Boko Haram, bandits or killer herdsmen. But look at the North today. Look at how the peace of Kwara has been shattered due to the hijab crisis, and then someone is promoting Sharia for the Southwest?

“What the Southwest, and the rest of Nigeria, needs is peace, prosperity and justice, and that can only be possible when Nigeria is restructured along the lines of true federalism.”

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