Winners Chapel: Holy Ghost has directed us to hold Shiloh 2020 virtually — Oyedepo

Winners Chapel’s annual convention, Shiloh, will not hold at the church’s international headquarters in Ogun State, founder Bishop David Oyedepo says.

Members will, however, be able to watch the event via live broadcasts in their local Winners assemblies.

Oyedepo said “the Holy Ghost” led him into the decision based on the state of affairs in Nigeria and in the world — insecurity and the coronavirus pandemic, apparently.

Shiloh 2020 will, therefore, be held virtually.

Oyedepo, according to reporting by Church Gist, said:

“By the prompting of the Holy Ghost and in view of the air of uncertainties that seem to pervade the atmosphere of many nations, including Nigeria, it is hereby directed that every Winner stays back in their local assemblies for Shiloh 2020, both in Nigeria and across the nations of the world.

“As we all know, it has been proved over the years that distance is no barrier to the manifestation of the power of the Most High God.

“This has been validated over and again via the live broadcasts of our services across the nations, and especially in the past Shiloh events.

“For instance, a dead child came back to life at one of our viewing centres as the word went forth during the first night at Shiloh 2019.

“In the light of this and as our custom is, all our local churches across the globe shall serve as viewing centres during Shiloh 2020.

“Therefore, every Winner should expect to take delivery of the master key to a world of supernatural turnaround from Shiloh 2020.

“Our turnaround God will surely visit us in every location across the globe at this year Shiloh in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

“I shall be looking forward to seeing you at Shiloh 2020. Remain ever blessed.”

Shiloh 2020 is not the only Christian event that is going virtual over the instability currently facing the world. Recall that popular gospel concert, The Experience, will also be held online.

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