God killed UNILAG lecturer who asked my daughter for sex — Bishop Wale Oke

Founder of Christ Life Church, Bishop Wale Oke has recounted how God, according to him, took the life of a University of Lagos (UNILAG) lecturer.

The lecturer, Oke sai, was demanding sex from one of his “daughters in the faith”.

Oke, in a video posted on his Facebook page on January 26, said the lady was repeatedly being marked down and made to fail because the lecturer wanted to sleep with her and she would not give in.

According to the cleric, the lady lost about two years of her academic life because she did not allow the lecturer have his way.

Oke said when he got to know of the matter, he became furious and asked the Lord to intervene and judge the matter.

“I was annoyed and stood on my feet and asked the Lord to judge this matter. I said God judge this matter,” he said.

Two years after he asked God to judge the matter, Oke said the lecturer was traveling in the company of another lady. He and the lady he was traveling with had an accident and died.

While expressing regret that the man and the lady died, he said, “God killed him. But I did not expect that God would go that far. I just wanted God to discipline him”

“I felt sorry for the man. When you ask God to fight for you, you will be sorry for the person who offends you,” the bishop said.

He said another lecturer who incidentally was a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) was appointed to replace the man.

“That was how my daughter graduated with honours from the university,” Oke said.

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