God told me Nigeria will not break up — Apostle Suleman

No matter what happens, Nigeria will not break up, Apostle Johnson Suleman has said.

The general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries said God told him so.

Recall that former President Olusegun Obasanjo said Nigeria was becoming a failed state. Even current Vice President Yemi Osinbajo warned recently that the country could break up if care was not taken.

But Apostle Suleman, during his Independence Day broadcast, said God told him that would never happen.

Here are the things he said:

  1. Nigeria will not break. No matter what happens. There have been permutations even from the presidency that Nigeria may break. But God told me Nigeria will not break.
  2. Many people who are planning for leadership will not see it. Many who are planning and building loyalty will not get to 2023.
  3. The Lord told me something striking. It’s a parable. He said when number 2 becomes number 1. And I said Lord what do you mean, he kept quiet. He said when number 2 becomes number 1. He said he has done it before.
  4. The Lord said the blood of the believers who have been killed especially in the northeast, their blood cries to me daily. He will avenge them.
  5. The Lord said he will expose key sponsors of terrorism between now and December. Please note it. It is going to shock everybody.
  6. The Lord said the church should unite. We may not like your face and I may not like your face. We have to kill spiritual pride. We have to ignore the non-essentials that divide us. We must drop our disagreement and unite. When the church gets to point when they unite heaven will show up.
  7. The leaders and any aspiring leader should avoid religious crisis because when it comes to religion tempers are bound to rise. There will be reaction.
  8. Protests will achieve nothing. It is beyond being behind the keypad, carrying placards. Most of the people who are calling for protesting are worse than the leaders they are protesting against.

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