1 day ago

    Abia governor, Alex Otti, accused of N665 million paint job ‘fraud’

    According to information reaching The Realm News, Abia state's Governor Alex Otti, could soon be making some radio and television appearances to respond to alarming accusations of corruption.
    5 days ago

    Otti’s triumphalism beyond bizarre, by Don Norman Obinna

    Abians want Governor Otti to match words with corresponding actions, not this deluding smokescreen, to cover his obvious dilatoriness.
    1 week ago

    Alex Otti: Abia’s 100 Days of Labour Pain (Part 3)

    Among Nigeria's recently inaugurated governors, the Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, ranks as the most prepared and experienced, at least on paper, having been contesting since 2015. If anyone should hit the ground running on the strength of punditry, it should be him. Unfortunately, he has not.
    2 weeks ago

    Alex Otti: Abia’s 100 Days of Labour Pain (Part 2)

    It is commendable to re-asphalt a few failed internal roads and build/beautify a roundabout in Aba. They, however, do not translate to policy statements expected to herald the much-publicised new Abia.
    2 weeks ago

    Abia’s 100 Days of Labour Pain (Part 1)

    Before his emergence, Governor Alex Otti repeatedly described Abia as a state in a coma. In several of his interviews, he wore the façade of a man with a readymade elixir for Abia State malaise. But, events have punctured the credence. If juxtaposed, the achievements of some governors sworn in…
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