Woman allegedly beats teen daughter to death for ‘following boy’

Apparently angered by her teenage daughter’s romance with a member of the opposiye sex, a Nigerian woman allegedly beat the girl until she died.

The deadly assault was said to have happened many years ago when Jide Adigun, the Twitter user who claimed to have witnessed it, was about six years old.

“When I was young (maybe around 5 or 6 years old), one of our neighbours beat her teenage daughter to death because she was ‘following a boy’,” Adigun wrote.

“Yes, she beat the girl until the girl died. Literally. Her own daughter.

“Still one of the most shocking things I ever saw or heard,” Adigun tweeted via @Jaydon225.

Adigun posted the tweet in response to another Twitter user who made comments about Nigerian parents having anger management issues.

The other Twitter user, Chuka Phillip-Jonson (@beejonson), said:

“The day I found out that Nigerian parents have anger management issues, and use their kids as punching bags, was the day I saw a lady in Lagos almost beat her eight-year-old son to death.

“Why? Because he broke a mug. A damn mug that wasn’t even up to €1! Was so heartbreaking.

“It was also on that day that I learned that Nigerian parents don’t physically abuse their kids cos they want to ‘discipline’ them. That’s a big lie.

“It’s mostly because of frustration stemming from, maybe, financial difficulties, family stress and drama, work stress, etc.

“I mean, how is physically abusing your kids, drawing blood, and injuring them supposed to be because you love them and wanna discipline them?

“Coupled with the severe mental abuse, it’s no wonder so many young Nigerians are so messed up, and grow up to be horrible parents as well.”

The tweets were posted on Thursday morning.


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