Nigerian man ‘locks wife up like lab rat’

“A woman spent the last four years of her life locked up in this room by her supposed husband.

“She was peeing and defecating in the same room where he fed her bread, not the regular sweetened bread though.

“She gave the said man eight children, three of which she had while she was locked up by him in Orerokpe community (in Delta State).

“I wasn’t told I was there. I saw with my eyes. The man told neighbours his wife was deceased.

In pictures: Man locks wife up like lab rat, turns her to baby-making slave

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“His children, when they were interviewed, said they were waiting for her to die so that they could throw her away in the river. In the four years she was locked up, she had three children for him (the man).

“She was taken to the general hospital in Orerokpe yesterday (Tuesday, November 16, 2020) and is currently receiving treatment.

“As a woman I am pained and broken. I want to appeal on well-meaning individuals if you have an NGO that is into rehabilitation of women, please, reach out.

“We need help. This is a legit SOS. We need all the help we can get, kindly help us in any way you can. This happened in Orerokpe.”

The information was shared by Hanty Onome on Facebook.

Hanty Onome on Facebook

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