Akpabio laid foundation for criminal looting in Akwa Ibom, lawyer alleges

Human rights lawyer Inibehe Effiong has tored into former Akwa Ibom governor Godwill Akpabio for allegedly setting the state on a path of destruction.

Here’s what Effiong said:

Senator Godswill Akpabio laid the foundation for the criminality and looting that is going on in Akwa Ibom today. He imposed this evil genius on the people.

Let us not forget this fact.

Look at where Akwa Ibom would have been, but not for the wicked actions of these rogues parading themselves as politicians.

The state has received trillions of Naira in allocation since 2007, but there is nothing significant to show for it. These despicable characters have stolen most of the funds.

I have no respect for these people. What I have for them is disdain and contempt.

How can we be so rich yet so poor?

A so-called oil rich state does not have a single standard public school, but the arrogant politicians are busy stealing as if there is no tomorrow.

If you want to know how bad things are in the state, just look around and see the number of young people that you know that cannot find jobs.

People who could not afford to build a house suddenly became overnight billionaires under Akpabio. You will hear people say that “Akpabio turned boys to men”. What they actually mean is that under Akpabio, stealing was a way of life.

Upon completing his disastrous tenure with abandoned white elephant projects littered across the state, Akpabio went to Zenith Bank and brought another disaster to take over and continue the destruction from him.

Governor Udom Emmanuel has no record of achievement apart from propaganda. It is as if Akwa Ibom is under the control of strong demonic forces.

It is sad to see people defending and praising these thieves.

Within his first six months in office, Udom Emmanuel built a multi-million Naira edifice for himself. That was a sign of things to come. He has taken the profligate lifestyle of Akpabio to another ridiculous level.

No sane governor or public office holder will budget a whopping sum of 10 billion naira to build a worship centre when people are starving.

Civil servants are complaining of poor welfare. But you have a man who prides himself as a financial expert dissipating public funds on exotic vehicles and other mundane things that have no bearing on the common man.

The same man spent billions to build a senseless governor’s lodge in Lagos.

He is conniving with some religious charlatans masquerading as pastors to deceive the people.

Effiong made the comments in a Facebook post on Thursday.

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