Who cast a spell on us (part 6)

For those of us who may not be aware, from the inception of the fourth republic in 1999, Abia State was sold to the devil. TELL Magazine of June 14, 2007, in a story published under the headline “A Governor in Chains – T. A. Orji at the Grotto of Okija Shrine” captured it in this captivating way:

“The day was May 29, 2007. He swore to defend the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and that his loyalty would be to no one but Nigeria. His inaugural speech left those present with the impression that the Messiah was here. And to cap it all, he asked God to help him. Unknown to many at the inauguration, however, their new governor had, five months earlier, specifically in January, sold his soul to the devil, all in a bid to be governor and was made to swear to an oath of allegiance. Sheepishly, he sold Abia State and its people to the devil.”

This is not a mere urban myth but the anecdote of the hugger-mugger spiritual exchange and sold to the devil, the soul of Abia State.  The demon behind this power, reigned supreme over our territory and political landscape; held all and sundry bondage until in 2010 when it was toppled by greater demonic power known as SATANISM.

We all ignorantly celebrated the emergence of this greater demonic power as “Liberation” but, it was a spiritual coup that precipitated our serfdom and pauperdom and also ensured that our state becomes a fiefdom to a few groups of cabals. They made human sacrifices to engender and strengthen its dominance.

Residents of Umuahia woke up in the early hours of that fateful day in 2010, (few months to the 2011 general election) to encounter 12 decapitated corpses at various locations in the city. Please do not ask me why our journalists never reported it. However, People deduced that the strange killings were ritualistically induced but could not fathom the degree.

Anyway, those corpses were not just ordinary dead bodies. They were carcasses of exceptional human beings; the mad, blind, lame, deaf and dumb. They buried their heads in some designated three-junctions within the state. The objective was to spiritually blind; cripple, make us weak and cowards, confuse and dumb.

That’s why despite the provocation and taking for granted, we murmur in our houses, come online (hiding under pseudo accounts) to shout but chicken out when our action is required. Some had surreptitiously gone back to prostrate and apologise for commenting on negative posts against them. These are not ordinary. It is the efficacy of the human sacrifice of our 12 brethren.  

We will not be able to see. If we eventually saw, we will not act. We will not be capable of hearing. If in the long run, we heard, we will neither react nor speak out. Just like mentally challenged persons, who do not understand their situation and environment, we wander about like vagabonds and derive pleasure in kneading the egos of our slave-masters. 

You can see that we are under the influence of an evil spell. I am sure those without understanding will want to know who cast this spell on us. Well, it is not necessary. Our worry should be why we have not been able to break its efficacy on us. The answer lies in that bags of rice we fall on each other to share.

Listen carefully, the bags of rice and other freebies are not ordinary gifts presented out of benevolence. They are appeasements to get our spirits into acquiescence. The Yorubas refer to such propitiation as “SADAKA”. They are the reason why we are so scared to talk. We rather die in silent than take to the streets to protest bad leadership and policies, non-payment of salaries, pension allowances and gratuities.

No wonder about one million of us would stand under the scorching sun for more than three hours to fight over ordinary 600 bags of rice. More often than not, we go home with just a Derica or Cigarette cup very satisfied. Even if we have a bag of rice at home, we cannot resist the allure of that one derica.

You need to see where our mothers, sisters and wives fight over this rice. Otoo ka! Ma na ndi igbo siri na ife na ato uto na egbu egbu. (it’s sweet! But an Igbo adage says that whatever that is irresistibly sweet kills) 

Our fathers and brothers even, some political appointees have bickered in a gathering severally because of a plate of rice even when we have several bags at home. Do you still believe there’s nothing special about these free bags of rice? Oburo na Anya oma (not our clear eyes) my brethren!

Have you noticed that those of us working for them do not freely associate or talk to us on the other side? Are you surprised that we inherit our slave-masters’ enemies even when we have not seen or met them before? Do you wonder why we sing the praises of the masterminds of our quandary even with an empty stomach? It is RICE. Rice ooh!

We don’t know what we are doing. When next some of us abuse us online for speaking out, tell us, my brothers and sisters, please stop eating that rice. When you read us write praise-singing article for the people that kept our state in this miserable condition. Do not get irritated. It is the effect of evil rice.

Until we say a capital NO to their gift of rice and other freebies that I will tell us about next week Tuesday, we will continue to be their goats its heads are preserved for SATANISM ngwo ngwo Isi ewu. (goat head delicacy) Yummy! Very soon, bags of rice will begin to fly up and down, even from the stingiest of them. When next they bring it to your doorsteps, kindly ask, Nna anyi Ukwu, what are you celebrating?

To be continued

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