Who cast a spell on us? (Part 2)

It’s an insult to our intelligence and a slap on excellence that our tormentors (Agents of the Demons) who gang-raped Abia State to coma are the so-called knights, deacons and elders in today’s omnifarious churches that permeate Abia State.

Instead of reproving them for battering Abians, few hypocritical pastors’ mollycoddle them with reserved front seat rolls and undeserved accolades.

They are distinguished and richly blessed for appropriating and returning 10 per cent of the looted public funds to the churches. The rest of us (Poverty is a disease) members must observe 40-days dry fasting for a breakthrough.

I am tempted to evoke thunder when these self-styled men of God insultingly line these insatiable termites on their so-called alters and ordered the battered and hungry-stricken residents to pray for more blessings upon their lives and families.

Sometimes, they hand them the microphones to admonish us to seek the kingdom of God more than earthly desires. Astonishingly, the rest of us (Ndi Eriri Eri) will shout Amen to their evil and mockery prayers. Chai! Ndi Abia! Why have we chosen to call dogs fathers because of bushmeat?

It gives me the bad vibe how during the benediction, the pastors mount the podium to disingenuously pray for the development of Abia and declare prosperity to millions of her residents they conspired to impoverish.

My question is, how will Abia develop and her citizenry prosper when they have purchased through proxies Abia State’s income-generating assets – the Ministry of Works and Public utility premises, the Ministry of Land premises along Finbarrs Road, Isi-gate main-market and former Timber/Allied market location-?

My heart-breaking question to Ndi Abia is when there was no breadfruit, did we eat goat excreta? These men we subserviently lick their asses didn’t only steal our futures and that of our children and generation unborn; they also stole our N2 trillion and amassed a debt of N1002 billion that will take two centuries to repay. Who cast this evil spell on us?

The Shoprite outlet in Umuahia that our sisters/slayers have turned to photo studio is a franchise given to the troublers of Abia. Shoprite declined to open an outlet in Umuahia after feasibility study revealed that 90 per cent of residents live below $1 per day.

Out of their dyed-in-the-wool cupidity, they opted for a franchise. Umuahia main-market; the source of livelihood for residents was relocated to the jury-rigged Ubani village to ensure the survival of their Shoprite without considerations for the traders’ welfare. 

They forcefully evicted Mgbuka and Timber/Allied markets traders without compensation and families were rendered useless. The result is the abject poverty among residents and coded prostitution among our sisters that have become a norm.

It grieves my spirit to see our beautiful sisters who are still in school visit bars and hotels, drop their mobile phone numbers to waiters and hotel managers to give to willing male customers for as cheap as N5k per night. Chai!

Frustration has led many of our student brothers into crimes and others addicted to opium. They waste away in prisons as scapegoats made to atone for the sins of the same people we hail as “Papa Ukwu,” “Dede Ukwu,” “Opara Ukwu” and “Kurutu”.

With tears in my eyes, I ask, would they have embraced prostitution to pay their tuition fees if the government had paid their civil servants and pensioners parents salary and pension arrears? Would they have taken to crime if their parents’ businesses were intact?

Those without gumption for delinquency are corralled into the Sisyphean task of ass licking (Sycophancy) while, our fathers and uncles still jostle for Keke, Okada and 1993 model tokunbo Passat cars and buses empowerment at 50 years of age. Amid these incapacitations and degradations; our vulnerable mothers, sisters and wives became sex toys steadily warming the beds of the insatiable agents of the demons for peanuts.

Remember, if we fail to end our servitude today, chances are there that our children will serve their children and our daughters-in-law, sex toys to their children mutatis mutandis our mothers, wives and sisters. Chai! Did I hear someone scream Tufiakwa! That will only be possible if we stop admiring the slave chains around our necks as golden bracelets.

To Be Continued.

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