Who cast a spell on us? (part 5)

Evil is entrenched when a few good men espoused passivity as social mores. However, it becomes an insidious plague and endemic when custodians (the prescribers of norms of behaviours) are the perpetrators. Such taboo engenders quagmire, political higgledy-piggledy, abysmal underdevelopment, economic precarity and silly twists and turns. 

These aforementioned cataclysmic disorders are inherent in Abia today because of the moral culpability of our elders. It beats all imaginations how noblemen became abettors in the exhumation and distortion of an anachronistic and illegal document (Abia Charter of Equity) to satisfy one man’s rapaciousness, to the impairment of good governance and development.

The exhumation, alteration and presentation of Abia Charter of Equity (ACE) to a cynosure are criminal offences that deserve severe punishment (jail terms). ACE is an illegal document never signed into law by the Abia State House of Assembly. It’s an obsolete document never precast for the present Abia State.

The 2015 exhumation of the obsolete ACE precepts was former Governor Theodore Orji’s proposition to excogitate circumvention of political oblivion. It was, therefore, perfidious for our elders’ (some, who were signatories to the illegal ACE) to concede to the knavish act.

Only foolish people will replace a frying-pan senator, MAO Ohuabunwa with Orji Kalu (who laid the foundation of our servitude)

This obsolete ACE roguishly exhumed in 2015 by Mr T.A Orji in connivance with some morally depraved elders was fashioned on August 2, 1981, under 30 executive committee members chaired by the late Dr M.I Okpara. (See copy of ACE below for names of the committee members).

Against some repulsive lies propagated, one of the interesting features of ACE was found on page seven under the modalities for the enforcement of ACE. SUB (2). It read thus: “members of the Abia State House of Assembly shall be persuaded to introduce a bill incorporating the provision of the Abia Charter of Equity (ACE).” (See Page Seven below)

The SUB (1) of page seven also talked about “ABIA STATE MOVEMENT” after the creation of Abia State that should be perpetuated and permanently institutionalised to foster oneness irrespective of political affiliation. According to ACE directive, it would form a forum for review and pressure group in the implementation of the ACE.

Following these clauses on page seven, ACE was never signed into law by the Abia State House Assembly and therefore, illegal. There was also no “ABIA STATE MOVEMENT” to form a forum for review and pressure group in the implementation of the ACE. On the absence of these, on what premise did Ochendo and his co-travellers activate ACE to impose Dr Okezie Ikpeazu and himself on us?

Rather than awards and applauds by paid agents and servile flatterers, Ochendo and his co-conspirators should be greeted with a cacophony of a shivaree. Legal action should be taken against them for contriving this deception that has brought us misery and division. It’s a shame that he used this perverted means to perpetuate himself in power. His son, Chinedum Orji, also became the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly through this burlesque.

Now, they are subtly positioning him to become Abia State governor, and some Efulefus are on the streets, and social media shouting Ikuku is coming. Are we under a spell? We have served Papa Ukwu for 16-years because of rice and freebies now it is the turn of his son. What is the source of our foolishness?

To prove further that ACE was not only illegal but also an anachronism that needed all-inclusive update for viability, it suggested on page four that the capital city of the then prospective new state (Abia) “shall be known as and called Aba City”.

“The capital city of the new Abia State shall be known as and called Aba City. The city is a virgin parcel of land situated at the boundary between Aba senatorial zone and the Umuahia senatorial zone along what is known as the new Aba-Umuahia Road otherwise popularly called Ururuka Road. It is between Isiala Ngwa and Ikwuano/Umuahia LGA.”

Where is Aba city? Even the so-called “Father of modern Abia” (who hoodwinked the impressionable Abians with roguish equity mantra) could not develop it. Why are the promoters of ACE silent on Aba city and its development as directed by ACE? Ndi Aruru ala!

As for the elders, with the exception of the deceased, we leave you in the hands of God. Thank you for abating the suffering, servitude and slavery of Abians who M.I. Okpara left in your custody. Only God knows where you got your egoism and inexplicable graspingness from. Nsogbu adighi, Unu agbalia la.

As for we the masses, we will receive an award for foolishness. Why not! Only foolish people will replace a frying-pan senator, MAO Ohuabunwa with Orji Kalu (who laid the foundation of our servitude) Onye rere Nkita zuru Enwe akwa ihe ntukwu ka no na beya! (he who sold his dog and bought monkey still has a sitting animal in his house).

Only imbeciles will praise a man who, for selfish purposes, played kalukalu with our future, our children’s and generation unborn to retirement and began to eulogise his son as the best candidate to take over. Continue, don’t stop. Ndi Apari!

To be continued

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