Who cast a spell on us? (part 17)

Unless the NBA is en rapport with mediocrity, it should consider disrobing Agbazuere with alacrity

There’s no misgiving, the appointment of ACB Agbazuere, Chief of Staff (COS) has led to the sad dégringolade of the once-revered office. The popular French quotation attributed to Louis XIV, “l’état, c’est moi” (meaning, I am the nation) best described his larger than life attitude since assumption. He has rubbished the concept of noblesse oblige of the office of the COS.

At least, it was evident in his response letter to the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) where he demonstrated pseudo-intellectual flimflam. He is aware that his role in the protracted incarceration of Barrister Emperor Ogbonna was shameful; the reason he espoused pettifogging.

A smart aleck like Agbazuere should have manned up and take responsibility than his forlorn denial. Anyways, since he lacked the courage to do so; here is the exhaustive narration of Ogbonna’s rearrests as narrated by Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) officials and his solicitor.

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Before Ogbonna was granted bail by a Federal High Court sitting in Umuahia, on that fateful Monday, Agbazuere sweet-talked him into signing an undertaking. So, they sent to him, in Afara prison, an already prepared undated letter (the previous day) Sunday and coaxed him to sign.

Of course, the exhilaration of retrieval of freedom left him with no option than to append his signature to the letter they are probably using to justify his rearrests and further incarceration.

It is pertinent to note also that Barrister Ogbonna had no copy of the letter he signed. In the era, we’ve seen, even the governor’s signature forged; Ogbonna’s isn’t immune either. In other words, do not marvel at the sight of any self-inflicted confession purportedly made and signed by Ogbonna.

If the letter of undertaking was to facilitate his release, why the ambush by Agbazuere and DSS operatives at the Federal High Court while Ogbonna was at the verge of regaining freedom?

As Ogbonna’s lawyer drove out of the court premises shortly after his bail, two tinted-glass black jeeps carrying Agbazuere and DSS officials intercepted him. Agbazuere (thinking that Ogbonna was inside) alighted and demanded that he roll down his tinted power window to be sure that Ogbonna was not inside.

Just as the drama was ongoing, the NCS van conveying Ogbonna back to the prison zoomed past them. On sighting them, Agbazuere and the DSS officials quickly chased after and waylaid them. Cocking their firearms at the NCS officials, Agbazuere demanded the release of Ogbonna to him.

The NCS officials, however, refused to accede to his demand avouching that Ogbonna was yet to perfect his bail conditions. They also told him that he acted illegally by intercepting them on the road and demanding the release of an inmate.

However, later that day, one of his informants alerted him of Ogbonna’s perfection of his bail conditions and release order. Agbazuere and the DSS officials hurriedly invaded Afara prison to rearrests him. But the NCS officials knew his intentions already, so, the plan was to release him at dusk.

But then, an edgy Agbazuere confronted the officer-in-charge demanding Ogbonna’s immediate release. He avowed that he had information from the court that his release order was with them. As the argument ensued, he put a call across to a superior officer who ordered the release of Ogbonna.

The Afara prison’s CCTV cameras are functional. Agbazuere was there, so, why the circumlocutory response? Who petitioned the DSS against Ogbonna in the first place? Is it the Federal Government? Can we see the copy of the petition against him to ascertain who his complainant is?

What was Agbazuere’s mission in the court premises and Afara prison during the rearrests of Ogbonna on that fateful Monday? Did he go there as the biblical Judas Iscariot to identify him with a betrayal kiss? Except for those under a spell, I do not expect sane minds to take to heart his response replete with political chicanery.

Unless the NBA is en rapport with mediocrity, it should consider disrobing Agbazuere with alacrity, considering his unethical conducts, including his role in the arrest, rearrests and prolonged confinement of Barr. Ogbonna.

To be continued

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