Protest in Ibadan over construction of ‘dangerous gas plant near houses’

The decision to build as gas plant in the Aerodrome Government Reserved Area (GRA) of Ibadan is not sitting well with residents.

Homeowners and dwellers in the Oyo State community have raised alarm over the dangers the gas plant could pose to lives and properties.

The residents, including an 80-something-year-old former commissioner for environment Majekodunmi Aborode, embarked on a protest at the site on Saturday.

The Vice-Chairman of Aerodrome GRA, Prof. Omolola Atalabi, called on the Oyo State Government and the Department of Petroleum Resources to revoke the approval for the gas plant if it had been issued to the company.

The residents said it would be a conspiracy on the part of the company and the government agencies involved to allow highly inflammable gas plant to be built very close to residential buildings.

They said several explosions caused by gas plants abound all over Nigeria and government should not allow an avoidable one to be added to the number of such incidents.

“We are shocked and dismayed that approval could have been given for such construction, considering the obvious health hazards and other environmental dangers of siting a gas plant in a gated community such as the Aerodrome GRA,” Atalabi said.

“It is inappropriate to locate a gas plant in the precincts of Aerodrome GRA, as the emission of substances from the plant will be hazardous to residents, and the devastations of fire outbreaks cannot be ruled out.

“The scientific evidence for these occurrences is incontrovertible.

“We appeal to concerned authorities, including the Oyo State Government and DPR, to save us from the imminent danger to our lives posed by the construction of the gas plant.

“We, therefore, appeal for the immediate revocation of the approval purportedly granted for the construction of a gas plant at Aerodrome GRA.”


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