How to get married in 6 months, by Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Getting married is not about binding and casting out demons, Salvation Ministries pastor, David Ibiyeomie, says.

But you can get it done in six months if, according to the Port-Harcourt-based pastor, you follow certain principles.

“Money is the last thing you think of when it comes to marriage,” the pastor told young men in his church. “Stop being afraid. The first thing is to find the woman. Once you find the woman, you have entered into the atmosphere for favour,” he said.

Ibiyeomie laid out the principles during a sermon on Sunday, Church Gist reported.

He said the first thing is to “receive and believe the word of God”.

Ibiyeomie said it is also import to prepare yourself. “You have to acquire knowledge by reading God’s Word and other Christian literature,” he said.

The pastor urged young men and women to let go of every ungodly relationship and focus on being the right partner.

“You’ll discover that you will attract the same kind of person after you’ve built yourself up,” he said. “Whatever you want to see in your life partner, become it first, then that person will be attracted to you. You have to be the right person first and the right person will locate you,”

The third thing to do is to “renew your mind and embrace change,” the pastor said.

“Some matured people have attitude problems,” he said.

“Some people nag a lot. Some people don’t take corrections. Some people are stubborn to a fault. Some ladies hang around sugar daddies that they don’t know how to relate with young men within their age brackets.

“Some have unrealistic and frivolous expectations. You are waiting for a man that has a car, how many cars did your father buy? Some men are looking for a woman that works in a bank. Others are religious, like the prodigal’s son elder brother, doing everything that is right without understanding, doing everything right but no expectation.

“You have to engage your faith to receive the promise of God,” he said.

The fourth principle, Ibiyeomie said, is to be sensitive and wise.

“Some people have missed marriage opportunities because they were not sensitive,” the pastor said. “They will pray for the right person, the right person will come but because they lack sensitivity, they miss it.

“Some lack wisdom. One sister missed it because her father demanded for a MAC trailer as bride price and she insisted, ‘if he loves me, he will do it.’ The man is married, she is still single.

The fifth principle, he said, is “sacrificial giving”.

Ibiyeomie said the six law is to “call forth your desire by faith”.

“Sacrifice, sow seeds of favour and call forth your miracle job,” he said. “Faith is now, faith is not tomorrow.”

“If you are a sister, you want the man to come now, he can come now, even after this service in Jesus mighty name.

“Wherever the man is, call him forth now and he will look for you in Jesus mighty name. On your way home, he will locate you in Jesus mighty name.

“It doesn’t mean anybody that comes, you’ll just accept. No. You have to know the person well enough before you say I do,” Pastor Ibiyeomie said.

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