Police commissioner blames bullion van robbery on bank ‘conpsiracy’

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, has lashed out at banks over what he desribed as “kangaroo security arrangements”.

Odumosu, according to a statement by state police spokesperson Muyiwa Adejobj, is unhappy with the way banks arrange security for cash transport.

Odumosu, the statement stated, spoke on Tuesday at a meeting with banks and Cash-In-Transit (CIT) officials at the command headquarters, Ikeja.

He was said to have criticised the “conspiracy, security lapses and unprofessionalism” suspected to have been exhibited by banks and the CIT officials in the attacks on bullion vans in the state recently.

“In particular, the police boss referred to the attack on a bullion van in the Langbasa- Ajah area of Lagos recently, where there was no adequate and/or official deployment of men for such movement.

“The two policemen allegedly on the escort movement were procured illegally and without the knowledge of the command.

“This kind of movement is condemned and unacceptable in totality,” the statement added.

Odumosu was said to have ordered that henceforth, adequate security should be provided for banks and movement of cash after due approval from him, adding that the command would no longer tolerate “any kangaroo security arrangement for cash in transit” in the state.

The police chief later formed a committee for the implementation of the rules and regulations of providing security to banks, financial institutions and movement of valuables within the state.


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