It’s time for Buhari to leave — northern elders

President Muhammadu Buhari has failed in the two critical areas of security and economy and as such has nothing new to offer Nigerians, the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) says.

The group called on the president to simply resign and let a competent person do the job.

The call followed the massare of rice farmers in Borno, the spate of insecurity across the nation, rising inflation and the poor state of Nigeria’s economy.

“We will continue to ask that he (Buhari) resigns,” NEF spokesperson Hakeem Baba-Ahmed said during an appearance on Channels TV, Wednesday.

“He is a democratically elected president. We wish he is doing better but he is not.

“Ordinarily, under a democratic system, a leader is supposed to deliver, he is supposed to do two things — he is supposed to secure citizens and he is supposed to facilitate their economic welfare.

“He (Buhari) hasn’t done the first and he is not doing the second. So, explain to me on what basis President Buhari should continue to be our president?

“However, it is his right to continue to be the president even if Nigerians are unhappy and unsatisfied with what he is doing. That is his right but we will not keep quiet.

“We will continue to speak up that he has failed Nigerians, he is failing Nigerians and under a democratic setting, we have to raise our voices and say, ‘Mr President, you are just not good enough for this country’.

“That is just the simple truth.

“We have respected the President, we understand the difficulty he is facing and we understand how difficult it is to tell him to resign but we also have the democratic right to tell him, ‘Sorry sir, you cannot run this country, you have been given five, six years to do so and the situation is just getting worse and we believe that you have nothing new to offer and the only way is for you to resign’.

“We believe we are speaking for millions of Nigerians,” the NEF spokesperson said.

Channels TV

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