Lagos: 1 killed as gunmen descend on Ajah, rob bullion van, Blenco supermarket

Suspected armed robbers are reportedly unleashing violence on Ajah residents as we speak.

The armed violence comes as the Nigeria Police struggle to return to the streets following days of violence in Lagos.

This afternoon, armed robbers reportedly chased a bullion van near Addo Road, shot at its tyres, then carted away it contents. They also reportedly robbed Blenco, a popular supermarket in the area.

The armed robbers, who, according to a witness, were about five in number, also robbed neighbouring shops. At least one person was reported killed.

“From what I saw,” a witness said, “the guys were in a milk coloured vehicle, pursuing a billion van, they shot the tyres.”

Someone else told The Realm News he was returning home this afternoon when youth “armed with machetes and sticks hit our keke“.

“I quickly disembarked from the keke and took another route home. Addo Roundabout is a no-go area as we speak,” he said.

Another resident said gunmen killed someone at the front of an estate in Sangotedo on Wednesday.

“They’ve been stealing since Sunday,” she said.

“There’s no law enforcement here. Ajah to Sangotedo has become so unsafe.”

NOTE: This story has been updated to correct information about the bullion van that was attacked. An earlier version of the story erroneously said the van escaped. According to the video footage now embedded in this story, it didn’t.

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