PLOT TWIST: How disgruntled pastor manipulated Apostle Suleman’s phone call — cyber security expert

Former Omega Fire Ministries pastor Mike Davids recently leaked a phone call in which he claimed general overseer Apostle Johnson Suleman threatened to make him disappear and die prematurely.

Davids also accused Suleman of hypnotising his wife and having sex with her in the presence of their baby daughter. He has since dragged the apostle to court for marital interference, claiming N2 billion in damages.

But the phone call Davids leaked to the media is one Suleman had with another person, cyber security expert Charles Awuzie claims.

Awuzie said he listened to a longer version of the phone call. He also said the person Suleman actually threatened is now on the run over fears of getting killed.

“In the case between Suleman and Davids, let me be honest before God and before man, based on what I have been privileged to know, Suleman is innocent about the threats,” Awuzie wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday.

“Davids hijacked a very serious case of threat to life between Suleman and someone else and made it look like his. This is unfair. We can’t use a lie to judge a lie. No.

“I stand only on truth and I have no favorites. I say what I am privileged to know.

“The recorded telephonic call has caused trauma to the original receiver of the threat.

“I challenge Davids to counter me that the conversation in that recording was himself and Suleman because I know that the conversation was between Suleman and someone else who is running for dear life.”

Awuzie also commented on a post by Sahara Reporters to drive home his point. He said Davids edited the audio to make it fit into his allegations against Suleman.

“Davids was not threatened by Suleman,” he said. “Someone else was threatened and that person sent him the recorded threat which he allegedly edited and is now using to allegedly blackmail Suleman.

“I have listened to the original recording which is much longer than the edited version. The threat is real. It was traumatic to the original person who was threatened but hijacked by a desperate Davids.

“You see why I kept calling that boy a baby charlatan? I can smell them from far.”

Here are screenshots of Awuzie’s comments:

Source: Charles Awuzie on Facebook.
Source: Charles Awuzie on a Facebook thread by Sahara Reporters.

Meanwhile, Suleman has also dragged Davids to court over alleged libel. He is demanding N5 billion in damages. Davids wife, who is an Omege Fire Ministries pastor, denied the allegations levelled against her and her general overseer.

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