Eedris Abdulkareem’s Fiery Feud: Clash of Titans in Nigerian Music

Artists Beware: Eedris Abdulkareem Not Taking It Easy With Anybody

Controversial Nigerian rapper Eedris Abdulkareem sparked headlines recently with his explosive revelations on The Honest Bunch podcast. From addressing Burna Boy’s comments on music industry legacy to his humble beginnings and past controversies, Eedris stirred the pot and reopened old wounds.

In a candid interview, Eedris traced his journey from founding The Remedies with Tony Tetuila and Eddie Montana to his encounters with industry legends like Charly Boy and Seyi Law. However, his remarks triggered swift countering from his peers.

Seyi Law promptly refuted claims of regret over his political stance, asserting his admiration for Eedris while denying any truth to the allegations. 

He wrote: “Eedris na person wey I love, but this is not true abeg. @iamshortfamily, when I talk this one for your show?”

Tony Tetuila minced no words, branding Eedris a “liar” and publicly confronting him in a reaction video and an Instagram Live session.

Eddie Montana, too, set the record straight regarding their hit song “Shakomo,” highlighting Eedris’ self-serving actions.

Even Burna Boy, in a now-deleted tweet, lashed out, blaming Eedris for his kidney donation woes and hinting at a confrontation if they crossed paths. 

He wrote: “Abdul Kareem Abi wetin dem dey call your papa, l no blame you. I blame people wey donate money for your hospital bills. And I wish say you be person wey fit dey enter the kind places wey I dey dey,

make we use mistake jam.”

Undeterred, Eedris fired back, acknowledging donations but calling Burna Boy a “fool.” Now, Eedris vows to address the rift with Burna Boy in his own way, through music. 

Meanwhile, Rudeboy joined the fray, accusing Eedris of betrayal for accepting meager payment behind their backs during a 50 Cent show two decades ago.

He wrote:

“Every eke market day we go de hear ‘I fought for the industry. Na me cook de food wey una dey chop.’ I go just de laugh.

“Now you wan reply with music you go reply taya !!! For over 20 years I have kept silent about what really transpired, how we top Nigerian artists as of then agreed with one voice, about payment conditions and treatments on the same 50-cent show, only for this greedy guy to go behind and collect peanut.. you de expect VIP treatment on top of peanut payment?

“You keep insulting any artiste at every opportunity, if is not Tuface, is Psquare, Timaya, D’banj, now na Burna… you go explain taya!”

Eedris’ podcast appearance has ignited a firestorm of controversy, shedding light on longstanding grievances within the Nigerian music scene. As the dust settles, the industry awaits Eedris’ promised song and the resolution of these simmering tensions.

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