I’ve thoroughly eaten 33 Bibles — Bishop David Oyedepo

Winners Chapel founder Bishop David Oyedepo has urged Christians to take their Bibles seriously because, according to him, the Christian holy book is the “Word of God”.

Oyedepo gave the charge at the ongoing Shiloh, the annual international convention of the church. This year’s edition is tagged “Turnaround Encounters”.

“If you are in love with Jesus, you’ll get addicted to the Word, you are with the Word everyday.

“Until these tablets and capsules (smart devices) came, I used the raw Bible and I’ve used 33 of them: thoroughly consumed.

“When there is nowhere to mark, that’s when I change it or when I want to mark a place and it’s now the third time.

“You know my lifestyle? A Bible is always in front of me. When I’m dealing with anything and it looks a bit demanding, I open the Bible, light comes and I carry on.

“Somebody asked me, ‘do you cram scriptures? No, I eat them.

“One day, my note was here and I was up on the platform, I delivered the note and beyond the note because I had eaten it.

“It’s not that something took my note, you can’t take my heart,” he said.

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