Stop sending your children to school abroad, Bishop Oyedepo tells rich Nigerians

Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) founder Bishop David Oyedepo has urged affluent Nigerians to spend time with their children or avoid giving birth.

Oyedepo offered the suggestion while preaching at the Faith Tabernacle, the church’s headquarters in Ota, Ogun state.

The Sunday sermon focused on the recently celebrated Children’s Day.

“Any child that you can’t care for, don’t give birth to,” Oyedepo said according to reporting by Christian PR platform Church Gist.

“You will give account tomorrow.”

Oyedepo was of the opinion that parents should not be too busy to personally nurture their children in their formative years.

He said:

“Some parents even send children to primary schools outside the country. What an irresponsibility! Most return to the country as derelicts.”

Oyedepo, whose church owns Covenant University, said the varsity takes good care of its students.

“We have zero tolerance for drug abuse at Covenant University,” he said. “The things we complain look so ordinary but they corrupt your spiritual life.”

Covenant University is one of the best varsities in this side of the world. But critics complain about its neck breaking fees.

Oyedepo said in the past that such money was needed to create and atmosphere where the church can raise godly children.

Church Gist

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