‘Fisayo Soyombo: Journalist gets 75k bill, accuses Ikeja Electric of theft

Investigative journalist ‘Fisayo Soyombo has vowed not to pay his electricity bill.

Soyombo made the vow in a “protest” post on Facebook.

He wrote in a post on Monday:

“Ikeja Electric Plc sending me, a bachelor who lives ALONE, an estimated bill of N75,000/month while denying me a prepaid meter for more than two years has to be the joke of the century! I will NOT pay.

“We don’t even consume 75k/month in my office containing multiple appliances and people.

“It’s not like I relocated to Lagos to work my socks off so I can serve you, Ikeja Electric Plc. You’re either giving me a prepaid meter or stopping this thievery.

“Estimated billing is daylight thievery. Ikeja Electric Plc, there’s no way I consumed N75,000 worth of electricity in December when I’m hardly home for up to 40 hours per week.

“Even if it’s suddenly possible to pick money on the treets of Lagos, I still won’t pay you this time!!!”

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