Police ‘arrest Nigerian driver for returning missing bag’

A Nigerian driver is reportedly being detained by the police for apparently doing the right thing and in contravention of the constitution.

“Taxi driver Happy Ehiwario reported himself at Ogida Barracks Police Station, Benin, on Thursday after his passenger left the car unannounced, leaving behind a bag,” award-winning journalist ‘Fisayo Soyombo begins the story in a social media post on Saturday.

“Ogida police have detained him since.

“This is shocking, considering that the passenger turned up on Friday to clarify things.

“The police say only the DPO can approve Ehiwario’s release, but the DPO wasn’t in the office yesterday.

“Ehiwario will spend the weekend in detention unless the DPO turns up to free him.

“The law doesn’t allow the police to hold suspects beyond 24 hours, or 48 in some rare cases.

“And we’re talking about a man who showed up at the police station himself. The police is your friend, yeah?”

Please be reminded that this is happening at a period Nigerians are protesting against police brutality and highhandedness.

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