Journalist threatens to release ‘full video’ as UCH Ibadan denies water shortage crisis

On Wednesday, November 11, journalist ‘Fisayo Soyombo drew attention to a reported water shortage crisis at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan.

“Patients have been telling me about the water crisis in the hospital and its implications for public health,” Soyombo, a multiple-award-winning investigative journalist with a track record of factual reporting, said.

“Women who have just put to bed are being told to buy sachets of water to clean up.

“Life is especially hard for women in this category because their heavy flow of blood can’t be held for long without using water to clean up before they change their sanitary towels,” Soyombo said.

He later shared a video to back his reporting.

But the leadership of UCH has now denied the report and tagged Soyombo’s video “fake”.

The journalist has threatened to release a longer clip of the reported water crisis.

“My attention has been drawn to claims by Toyin Akinrinlola, PRO of UCH, on TVC’s ‘Your View’ that the video I released last week is fake and not from UCH,” Soyombo said on Tuesday.

“Mr. PRO sir, I posted just the abridged version of that video. Do you want me to release the full length?”

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