Who cast a spell on us? (Part 1)

With my heart filled with pains and my patience distended to the point of explosion, I dare ask; who has bewitched us oh Abians? The chains around our necks are not golden bracelets but slave chains designed by Orji Kalu’s government, painted gold and hung around our necks by T.A Orji’s insidious government and handed to Ikpeazu’s to drag us to the slaughter ground.

Why do we celebrate our slave masters who have raped and enslaved us to ad absurdum? It gives me the heebie-jeebies to see us eulogise those dragging us to the slaughterhouse with underserve titles instead of reproach. Let’s pause for a moment and take a critical look at our wretched conditions. It’s not fortuitous but contrived.

Need I tell you that we are annexed to endure decades of years of peasant servitude? Take a critical look at the Senate and tell me a state except for Abia that has her former governors and deputy since 1999 as Senators?

Who did we offend? I am incandescent that our battered youths with necks stretched like Ostrich and waists unable to curtail their pants still hail these men “Papa Ukwu”, “Opara Ukwu” and “Dede Ukwu” when given few Naira notes for Indian Hemp and liquor.

Why do we choose the life of Esau who exchanged his birthright with a pot of soup? For our information, except for Orji Kalu, these men we are praising cannot boast of having N100k in their accounts as at 1998. They became rich by peculating approximately N2 trillion Abia fund generated from FAAC allocation and internally from 1999 to date. 

On our behalf, they received N27 billion ecological funds and in connivance with some Bende chiefs looted this fund. Shamefully erosion is threatening to deracinate the LGA from the map of Abia State. Three weeks ago, a police van allegedly fell into the crater with all the officers on board dead on the spot. The Abia media and their venal reporters refused to report it but willingly acquiesced in the dud cheque blackmail of me.

Bende rubber plantation is tapped daily with the proceedings ending in people’s pockets. Same applies to the forestry where approximately 20 trucks loaded with logs of wood depart daily while our children smoke their lives and future away at Amake junction and other drug joints.

I weep each time I see our youth who are supposed to hold these men accountable carry arms against each other when hypnotized with Kabukabu, Keke, Okada and in most cases frying pans and half bags of rice. Who did we offend? Youths they say are the strength of a nation. But Abia youth have become the essential part of the armamentarium employed by these agents of the demons to enrich themselves.

Sheepishly, we accented to the derogatory Aesopian language -Onye Ji Igu ka Ewu N’eso – not knowing that we are euphemistically called goats. Of course, are we not goats? If we were not, we would not have preferred palm fronds to our collective patrimony. Instead of criminals, Umuahia, Aba and Arochukwu prisons are now homes to residents and youth who dared challenge the status quo.

Rather than demand for their release, protest if need be, we prefer to serve as the agents of the demons E-idiots. With derisory N10k and N1k worth of data, we murder the character of our fellow brothers in chains in favour of our common enemies. 

Then on a Friday, they gather us in several beer joints in and around the city, buy hundreds of cartons of beer for us to drink away our sorrow. Finally, in that sorry state of stupor, we stagger around screaming, “Ikuku Ochendo ofe se le gi!” “Ofehini bu ofe anyi wo!” Chai! Ndi Abia, who bewitched us?

To Be Continued.

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