Who cast a spell on us? (Part 7)

Abia State is "gods own" not "God's own"

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Therefore, it is puzzling to see garbage permeates the nooks and crannies of the state that prides itself, “God’s Own State”. Spotless God (Jehovah), the almighty, can never preside over the affairs of a filthy state; the reason we must scrutinise the deity that rules Abia State. 

The covenant with Jehova that made Abia State “God’s Own State” was broken few years after the commencement of the Fourth Republic, when our politicians entered into a new covenant with Ogwugwu Akpu deity at Okija.  This evil conspiracy altered our status to “gods own state”.  With the incumbent owner (devil) absolutely in control, the swearing of an oath of allegiance became the primary precondition for becoming members of the state cabinet.

An aide in that government, Amah Nnanna, confirmed this in an interview he granted Tell magazine in January 2005. He alleged that government officials and aides were taken to Okija shrine to swear an oath. He said all commissioners, advisers and appointees, as well as, members of the House of Assembly, performed the ritual.

 “He told us… he was not going to appoint anybody without extracting an oath of allegiance from the appointee. To that extent, everybody, including myself, went to Okija. All the commissioners in Abia State went to Okija, all the special advisers in Abia State went to Okija, all the local government chairmen, all councillors, went to Okija.”

With this oath of allegiance to a strange god, the Holy Spirit left the seat of power and all our political officeholders. Nobody, no matter how qualified or intelligent, was admitted into their circle unless he/she renounced his faith in favour of the strange god. This practice gave leeway to Agberos (motor park touts), bus drivers/conductors, palm wine retailers and all manner of low lives into government.

One observes the nondescript and gloomy atmosphere like a nimbus that saturates the cloud immediately one steps into Abia State boundaries from neighbouring states.

Except for a few, opportunities were denied the intellectuals to contribute to the development of Abia State. It was the beginning of the abysmal underdevelopment, leadership and socio-economic problem that bedevilled our dear state until this day.

The demon behind Ogwugwu Akpu held sway and dominated all frontiers until in 2010 when it was rebelled against and subdued with SATANISM. With the victory, Abia State became the headquarters (coven) and assembling place for sorceresses (witches), diviners and wizards. That is the reason for the piles of refuse dumps competing for height with storey buildings in our dear state.

Witches and wizards converge in refuse dumps for deliberations. It is their version of conference centres. It is the reason dumpsites will remain a common sight in Abia State. To evacuate them means destroying the sacred altars or the seat of power of the gods controlling the socio-political and economic affairs of Abia. It is clear now that the refusal to evacuate dumpsites in Abia State by authorities (despite public outcry) is deliberate. 

The institutionalisation of the power of darkness hurts Abia. One observes the nondescript and gloomy atmosphere like a nimbus that saturates the cloud immediately one steps into Abia State boundaries from neighbouring states. It depicts the heavy presence of demons permitted to control Abia and her residents through the agents masquerading as leaders.

Like the defeated old power, only those (loyalists) with the mark of Satanism are allowed into the inner chambers. Once admitted, there’s no going back. An individual I don’t want to mention his name is lying unconscious and motionless somewhere at Old Umuahia after he abandoned the initiation rites midway.

He was one of the loyalists that rose to prominence rapidly. But he would not exceed the level unless initiated. At their secret chambers, they instructed him to kill whatever appeared before him. Only God could tell what he saw that made him screamed and took to his heels.

As you read this article, he is “O di ndu onwu ka nma” (living corpse) die, no way, survive, for where! They are deliberately punishing him. I am sure he will never be able to speak until the day they will decide to take his life.

To be continued

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