Who cast a spell on us? (part 15)

I am begging you to change to avoid forcing us to lie during your funeral at ripped age of 100.

“Congratulations sir, on your new appointment.” “OVI got it right; Owee is a round peg in a round hole.” “If no be Egbe mgburu Agu na who kwanu?” “Duff the cap for the man wey sabi!” were some of the malapropos panegyrics which romanticized the appointment of Dr ACB Agbazuere as the new Chief of Staff a few months back.

However, a concatenation of blunders culminating in the arrests and criminal incarcerations of mavericks have confirmed the appointment a renascent despotism. A misbegotten letter (that brought the office of the governor to disrepute) written to the Police Service Commission (PSC) on Wednesday 22, April 2020, was the height of it all.

These synchronous cataclysms buttressed the saying that “enthusiasm is no succedaneum for professionalism.” Giving power to a tyrant is tantamount to handing a car key and a bottle of whiskey to a teenager or live ammunition to an amok in a chockablock market. The devastation is better imagined than experienced.

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A glimpse into the office of the chief of staff shows that he is a principal staff officer or an aide-de-camp to highly placed individuals, such as presidents, governors or top-ranking military officers. His primary duty is to provide a buffer between his principal and his team. He works behind the scenes to solve problems, mediate disputes, and deal with issues before they get to the knowledge of the chief executive.

In case you do not know, there will be a chorus of delirium from every nook and cranny of Abia State at the news of your misfortune.

More often than not, chief of staff acts as a confidante and advisor to the chief executive. He is a sounding board for ideas not, a creator of problems, who incurs a widespread odium or exposes his principal/office to critical opprobrium as we’ve seen in the case of Agbazuere hitherto.

Except for Dr Okezie Ikpeazu’s known breviloquence, the letter to the PSC (replete with gaping syntactic anomalies and farrago of requests) would have put a question mark over the authenticity of his PhD.

More embarrassing is the fact that the letter has the governor’s John Hancock on it; thanks to the chief of staff who places a premium on the pursuant of personal agenda than his principal’s susceptibilities. But for consanguineous sentimentalism, the peccantness would have earned him the sack.

Diligent execution of dirty jobs has taken Agbazuere to a position he never envisaged. Zuo kwanu ike dede! Exercise restraint and consider self-deprecation. The former and latter are more honourable than the compilation of names of people to deny freedom.

Like every disinterested Abian, I am not au fait with any of your landmark achievements or legacies, except the unenviable record of human rights violations through illegal arrests and detention of perceived dissent voices in Afara prison just a few months in office.

On the streets of Abia, you are infamous for the use of paid frivolous petitions to get several youths dumped in Afara prison. Inside the correctional facility, battered inmates fear you more than they fear uncle Lucifer.

You are supposed to be a human rights and constitutional lawyer, but you are a specialist in the execution of hatchet Jobs in clear violation of human rights. Slamming false allegations on your victims means nothing to you provided it increases your stake in government. Hmm! O dikwa egwu ooh!

How do you sleep at night, my brother? Maybe, I need to remind you that no tyrant has ended well in the history of the world. History has never been kind to them; it won’t be, today even till eternity. In case you do not know, there will be a chorus of delirium from every nook and cranny of Abia State at the news of your misfortune. Think about it.

You were the one who introduced the unintelligent, roguish and toxic clause ” Government has uncovered plots by hoodlums to cause crisis and unleash mayhem,” into the lexicon of Abia state government.

Till today, government intelligence has never arrested nor given a real identity of any hoodlum. They only uncover their plans without knowing them. This sensational propagandistic tool has been traditionally deployed by you to intimidate, hound and cow many innocent citizens into the dungeon.

Abia state is yet to recover from the embarrassment of your controversial petition to the House of Assembly that resulted in the suspension, retirement and removal of two Chief Judges of the Abia state judiciary. This dirty episode eclipsed the chances of an Ibeku man rising to the position of a Chief Judge.

The former deputy chief of staff, the office of the deputy governor, spent several months in Afara Prison over issues not up to family matter because you preferred to show your mastery of evil machinations against your brother. I am begging you to change to avoid forcing us to lie during your funeral at ripped age of 100. No amount of long epistle, no matter the grammar will change the people’s perception of you.

Dr ACB Agbazuere, I expect you to know that 21st-century leaders use their brain cells more than their muscle tissues, according to Israel Ayivor. Gbanwe my brother n’ihi n’odighi ihe aka riri to n’onu.

To be continued.

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