Tension in Warri as police crush mother, baby girl to death while chasing ‘Yahoo boys’

Angry youth are rioting in Delta State after a police driver reportedly ran over and killed a mother and her baby girl.

The van was ferrying police officers who were said to be engaged in a hot car chase of suspected cyber criminals popular called “Yahoo boys.”

The officers involved in the killing are from Ebrumede in Warri area of Delta, witnesses say.

The crash that resulted in the death of the mother and her baby girl was said to have occurred at PTI Junction.

Images shared online showed the woman’s brain splattered on the asphalt after her head broke apart. Her baby girl lay dead beside her with both eyes open.

Following the incident, irate youth took to the streets and set a police van on fire.

The situation has reportedly degenerated into an outright riot the authorities hope would soon abate or be contained.

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