Stop waiting for me to arrest Fulani herdsmen, Buhari tells governors

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged governors to stop waiting for him to solve every problem for them.

He said they should learn to stop Fulani herdsmen attacks in their states.

Many states have been experiencing deadly attacks on farming communities by Fulani herdsmen, putting pressure on Buhari as Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces with the power to control the country’s centralised security system.

Since he is Fulani, many Nigerians have also accused Buhari of bias and lacking the political will to curb attacks by the nomadic herdsmen who are also largely Fulani.

But Buhari in an interview with Arise TV on Thursday recalled two South-West governors recently visited him to complain about encroachment by herdsmen on farmlands in their states.

Describing it as a threat to food security, Buhari said, “You know these people more than I do, and you are democratically elected to protect your people.”

“Don’t sit idly expecting me to do everything. Take action.”

When southern governors recently took action by banning open grazing in the region, Buhari was silent as his attorney-general Abubakar Malami declared the move unconstitutional.

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