Police to arrest Apostle Suleman for threatening to kill young woman — cyber security expert

The Nigeria Police Force will soon arrest Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) general overseer Apostle Johnson Suleman for allegedly threatening to kill a young lady.

This is according to cyber security expert Charles Awuzie.

Awuzie, who is based in South Africa, made the claim after someone accused him of collecting money from Suleman to discredit former OFM pastor Mike Davids.

Davids had accused Suleman of hypnotising his wife, having sex with her in the presence of their daughter and denying him access to his children. Davids sued Suleman for alleged marital interference and demanded N2 billion in damages.

The former OFM pastor also leaked a phone call in which he said Suleman threatened to make him disappear and die prematurely.

But like Suleman admitted, Awuzie claimed the threat was made to someone else three years ago. He said Davids doctored the audio to make it look like he was the one being threatened. He said Davids was plotting to flee Nigeria so he won’t be arrested for allegedly blackmailing Suleman with manipulated evidence.

But Awuzie also said Suleman, who on Saturday admitted to threatening to make a young lady “disappear” and “die prematurely”, could be nabbed by the police for allegedly threatening to kill someone.

Awuzie said he was only after the facts and had not been paid by Suleman to make the current publicity crisis go away.

“Someone is suggesting that Suleman paid me,” Awuzie said in a Facebook post on Sunday.

Charles Awuzie says African pastors are too broke to afford someone with his level of expertise.

“First of all, Suleman is too broke to afford Charles Awuzie’s conscience. Some of you who attack me can’t think beyond money. So let me help you think.

“Suleman allegedly threatened to make a young lady disappear. That’s a serious case for which Suleman will soon be arrested for. Mark my words.

“But for that case to hold water, Davids Mike who doctored the original audio needed to be brought to book.

“If I didn’t expose the fact that there was an original audio clip, Suleman wouldn’t have confessed that he actually threatened a young lady.

“Suleman is afraid of me and can’t even approach me. He knows how to reach me but he won’t because he knows that I know what he did to that young woman.

“I want justice for the young woman and for that to happen, I had to first expose Davids Mike because that young woman was almost beginning to trust Mike Davids too.

“So, when you follow my page, calm down. I operate with a certain level of intelligence, experience and foresight which many of those who attack me lack.

“Listen again, the richest religious papa in the world is only worth 135 million dollars. They are broke. Your poverty is the reason you see those papas as prosperous.

“In my industry, I meet everyday with genuine tech billionaires. We talk one-on-one. I am attracted to such people because of the intelligence of their minds. I am not attracted to your religious papas nor their greed. Do you understand?

“I have blocked the two fools who commented on my last post asking if Suleman bought me to twist the story for him. Listen, if you are not intelligent enough to understand the strategic handling of manipulators, then calm down and observe those who are actually handling these manipulators.

“Not everyone is poor and desperate like you. At my age, even if I don’t work again, I am okay.

“And about Suleman hypnotizing me, do you really know me?”

Meanwhile, Suleman has also sued Davids for alleged libel, and is demanding N5 billion in damages. Like the apostle, Davids’ wife Faith Edeko, who is still an OFM pastor, has denied all allegations of marital infidelity.

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