Moment of Truth (Part 1), By Don Norman Obinna

As customary to the Abia State electioneering year, politicians and their enthusiasts have been running roughshod over their opponents, manipulating the psyches of some impressionable electorate with all manner of debasing canards and diatribes to achieve their objectives — elective positions.

In the process, these obsequious factotums juxtaposed individuals and underhandedly polished some malignant demons as saints but made capital out of the known sullen dispositions of a few others to make them lose their rights of existence.

One district we have read such dishonest articles is the Isialangwa North/South Federal constituency, where apple polishers drew a lopsided comparison between Ginger Onwusibe and Dr A.C.B. Agbazuere and presented the former as a saint against the latter.

Although it is everyone’s right to electioneering, it would be patriotic if we consider the susceptibilities of the masses by providing accurate information and description of the politicians we are marketing. It is a desideratum for people who sincerely seek good leadership and governance.

Every politically inclined person in Abia State knows what Dr Agbazuere represents; a cat’s paw and the arrogant petitioner who derives joy from witch-hunting, framing and incarcerating dissenters. These are mannerisms often accentuated to de-market him in favour of Hon. Onwusibe.

Unfortunately, I, Barr Emperor Ogbonna and other high-profile individuals have fallen victim to Dr Agbazuere’s mala fide exploitation of power. However, Hon. Ginger is no exception too.

While awaiting trial at Afara prison over fictitious charges filed against me by Dr Agbazuere, I met several young Isialangwa youths victimised and detained for years by Hon. Ginger also. It made no news or went viral because they were not prominent individuals like Barr. Ogbonna and me.

So, the difference here is that the former goes for high-profile individuals while the latter prefers cheap and vulnerable targets who will never draw irk or attract media attention. Simply put, one showcases his character, who he is, while the other displays reputation, what he wants the public to see.

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Hon. Onwusibe is no lesser a cat’s paw than Dr Agbazuere is. He has been and is still an instrument of coercion for the former governor.

The lawmaker is the ringleader that intercepted Dr Alex Otti and Dr Nkechi Nwogu’s convoys with armed political thugs at the Isialangwa axis of the Aba/Port Harcourt Express Road in 2015. Both are alive to relive the nerve-racking encounters that ensued.

The threat he issued to me during my justifiable schism with Senator Orji in 2018 is still conspicuous in the comment section of one of my Facebook posts.

Beyond the concocted lies, Ginger played an ignoble role in framing me and masterminding the court case, HU/97C/2020 — the state V. Obinna — to satisfy the callousness of his political godfather even when he knows the truth.

Do not ask me what he intends to achieve if not political ascendancy until recently when Governor Okezie Ikpeazu puts a caveat on their political monopoly.

Unlike the elected officers, political appointees have constraints. Their job leaves them in the invidious position of choosing between loyalty to their bosses and keeping the job or vice versa and forfeiting it. On that premise, A.C.B. Agbazuere’s activities are understood and pardonable.

Hon. Ginger Onwusibe holds an elective position — the people’s mandate. His loyalty ought to be to the people, not a godfather. He must predicate his political ascendancy on performances, not hatchet jobs as he has notably done during his days as LG chairman.

So, between Agbazuere and Ginger, who is to be trusted? We shall find out next week.

To be continued

Editor’s note: The views expressed in this piece belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Realm News on the subject matter.

Don Norman Obinna

Don Norman is the acclaimed author of 'Raped & Enslaved: Era of Kleptocracy'.

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