President Tinubu, may it never happen! By McJones Obinna

Nigeria, mostly populated by 95% abjectly poor people, proletariat and the middle class is today under the jackpot of economic quagmire, confusion, leadership drought, dark tunnel and criminal taciturnity.

And these are all thanks to the stewardship of the ruling, ironic competent political party – the All Progressive Congress (APC) which in 2015 paraded itself as the acclaimed Moses that will lead the people of Israelite (Nigeria) to the Promise Land.

In a country where politics is about seizing power, the brain behind the APC monster has especially been obsessive with returning to the national cake after ‘leaving’ that of Lagos in 2007. This brain has been calculatedly amassing the resources that will lead it to Aso Rock. Unfortunately, Nigeria cannot afford a Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidency.

Following the acclaimed Messiah, Muhammad Buhari, who has impoverished us into abject poverty in which half of our frustrated graduates have become emergency kabukabu drivers and keke operators while others engage in different disheartening chores to survive, including assembling political jamborees to sing praises in exchange for cash, a Tinubu regime will prove a bigger disaster.

All these tales are a result of the roguish unification of APC elders led by Tinubu who now wants to steer the ship of whatever remains of the country.

After eight years of slavery by Buhari and his party, we cannot waste one more day of our national life on another deadwood.

While speaking at a public function Tinubu said, “Emi lo kan” meaning ‘I’m next in line’. Bizarre, right?

There is a saying that goes thus, “He who sold his dog and bought monkey still has a sitting animal in his house.” Only imbeciles will praise a man who for selfish purposes played kalokalo with our future, our children’s and the generation unborn to retirement and began to praise himself as the best candidate to take over as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Tinubu’s leadership will doom the country.

We are not fools. We have not allowed the mayhem of the country to becloud who we are and stand for. How many times in history have citizens been ruthlessly murdered for peacefully protesting against police brutality? Our brothers and sisters were killed on the 20th of October 2020, massacred for fighting for our rights. To date, we still don’t know the people behind the killing. They think we have forgotten?

During the PDP administration, we never encountered the level of agony we do today. Life was easy and the cost of living bearable. Even if there were not many jobs then (there are even fewer today), we never slept on empty stomachs.

“As long as there is anyone in Nigeria who goes to bed on an empty stomach, the work of Nigeria is incomplete,” former military head of state, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, said.

Ever since the emergence of APC, our mothers and children go to bed on empty stomachs and this alone has caused a great increase in crime and ritual killings.

A 2016 UNESCO survey showed that 65 million Nigerians were illiterate while 10 million Nigerian children were out of school. Give or take, a critical examination of this record would show that about 35 to 40 million Nigerian adults are illiterate.

The APC government, a government of a party led by Tinubu, has played a big role in throwing us into the quagmire.

On his part, Tinubu has not only impoverished Lagosians, he has also made sure that thousands of them are out of school. This situation has created a ‘hoodlums market’ of misfits ready to serve desperate politicians during elections. How many ‘agberos’ has he given free education or scholarship? Instead, he, many allege arms them with ‘tools’ to mob opposition members and critics. He then imposes himself over the will of the people.

Socialisation begins at home and parents are duty-bound to impart knowledge and promote learning among their children. But with the UNESCO revelation, such responsibility has become a tall order in Nigeria because illiterates can’t activate the love for education in the younger generation. In other words, children from low-education homes are likely to be illiterate. That explains why public schools are left to rot. These are enough reasons not to vote APC come 2023.

I would always wish my country well. Nations are not run on wishful thinking or figments of imagination but by planning and projections of set targets and goals relative to time. Great nations hearken to the opinion of their citizens, scholars and innovators, and, in them, such nations find leaders who sacrifice comfort to keep vigil for collective growth.

In Nigeria, we have leaders like Tinubu and his blood-sucking APC demons who eat all we have and fart in the nostrils of the nation, suffocating it with horrendous pollution. No wonder he planted his entire family into government.

When Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ, he had the decency, after seeing the damage he did, to return the money he was given to betray his master. But a man who is a sociopath and betrayer of trust against MKO Abiola during the NADECO era gave us Nigerians his ‘offspring’ as president to rule over us.

He deceptively claimed that Major-General Muhammadu Buhari would bring heaven to Nigeria but Buhari let all hell loose instead. Indeed, someone whose character is questionable in the US should never be trusted with a sensitive position in Nigeria, let alone become president! May it never happen!

He had ulterior motives and ways of manipulating people against each other. He previously said: “I don’t believe in one Nigeria.” Such a man should not be considered a true democrat.

Those who don’t believe in one Nigeria like Tinubu will do all sorts of things to cause chaos in the country just to gain access to power. They will mobilise thugs to deal with people who kick against their political ambition.

Tinubu is alleged to be the grand patron of thugs in the entire South-West. He was indicted by the United States Government for drug and fraud-related offences in 1993 to the extent that he forfeited $460,000 to the US. So, the national leader of the APC, as they call him, has unanswered questions to answer over alleged drug crimes and criminal activities in the US.

Lagos State under his watch as governor was bastardised and ruined. Tinubu allegedly acquired lands and other properties and converted them with the state treasuries into personal businesses.

Remember what he said about the killing of Pa Fasoranti’s daughter? It is obvious that Tinubu has no sympathy or respect for humanity. None at all!

Nigerians should never again support mediocre, anti-democratic forces who pose as democrats in agbada, people with shady records or criminals who cannot be trusted with basic things!

Editor’s note: The opinions expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the thinking of The Realm News on the subject matter.

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