Count me out of your infantile behaviour, petty-mindedness — Miss Obinna replies Ikuku

Scroll down to read the "seductive" chats.

My attention was drawn to an infantile publication on one Focus Abia Facebook page on Wednesday, June 02, 2021, where a misguided toddler sponsored by the Abia State House of Assembly Speaker, Mr Chinedum Orji, tried to reduce me to their gutter level.

The unfortunate one-sentence write-up published under a word headline read: “Shocking: Daughter of Obinna Don Norman Jennifer trying to seduce the speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji.”

I, however, scanned carefully to see where I tried to seduce a man who is older than my father in the sequence of screenshot private messages between Mr Chinedum Orji and me to no avail.

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Although I will like you to count me out of your infantile behaviour and petty-mindedness, I, however, want to use this medium to put the record straight.

1. I never saw or met Mr Chinedum Orji in person throughout the one-year mandatory NYSC program where I served in the Ministry of Information under the Hon. Commissioner for Information, Mr John Okiyi Kalu (JOK).

2. A few months before the completion of my youth service, Mr JOK asked to see me. After commending me for the diligent execution of my duties, he gave me N250,000 in cash. I demanded to know what the money was for and he said it was a reward of excellence from Mr Chinedum Orji, that it should take care of my accommodation.

3. The thank you message I sent to Mr Chinedum Orji was my show of gratitude and nothing more.

4. While in Umuahia, I served diligently and Mr JOK wanted to see how I could be retained. That was where the idea of sending a message to Mr Chinedum Orji for recommendation emanated.

Having set the record straight, let me, therefore, say that I never begged Mr Chinedum Orji for money. I challenge him to publish any screenshot message evidence of where I begged him for money.

The office of the Abia State House of Assembly Speaker is a revered one and must be treated as such. I find it hard to believe that Mr Orji will condescend this low again three years after his compromised police officers arrested my 16-year-old brothers and detained them illegally for two nights in place of my innocent daddy.

It is embarrassing. However, I dare him to publish the seductive message I sent to him, tender an unreserved public apology to me within seven days of this response or get ready to meet me in court.

Jennifer Obinna

02 June 2021

Here’s the “seductive” conversation…

Editor’s note: Jennifer is the daughter of The Realm News publisher Don Norman Obinna. Her note of thanks to Chinedum Orji were leaked on the same day we published this story.

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