Lagos: Man feared killed after reporting suspected criminals to police

A certain Wale Kalejaiye has gone missing after inviting police officers to arrest suspected criminals in his neighbourhood.

Kalejaiye, 40, was last seen being beaten by suspected hoodlums who were said to be angry with him for inviting officers of the Inspector General of Police Monitoring Team.

The incident reportedly happened in the Akodo area of Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State, on Monday.

The officers, led by Kalejaiye, reportedly made three arrests and were leaving the community when all hell broke loose.

“They (the police officers) were at the Iwaju Oba Street when Wale (Kalejaiye) pointed at another suspect,” a source told Punch.

“The police officers came down from their vehicle to pick him when the boys started shooting and throwing broken bottles at the policemen.

“They forcefully took away Wale and, right there, they started hitting him with different objects, but the police officers escaped.

“Since then, Wale has been missing and his mobile phone switched off.”

The “area boys” also reportedly destroyed two vehicles and houses belonging to Kalejaiye’s family members.

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