Lagos babe openly challenges Facebook crush to romantic date

If you don’t shoot your shot, who will?

Well, nobody.

That must be why this Lagos babe publicly called out to two men she had been eyeing to come and see that the Lord is good.

“There are two guys on here that I really, really like. I always imagine myself kissing and cuddling them,” Jatto Bii Akhi’jémé, 24, wrote in a confession post on Monday night.

“Sent a message inbox to one of them because that one like cooking and posting it and me, I like food.

“The only reason I haven’t gone inbox for the other guy is that I think he has a babe.

“So, number one, his name is Victor. He is a lawyer and makes nice food and posts to tension everybody.

“Victor, I just want to say that me coming inbox is not because I want to ask for recipe o. I know how to cook that food o, I just wanted to talk ni.

“And Ifeanyi, if you don’t have babe, I have space in my heart for your fine self.

“Distance is not a barrier,” she wrote.

Many of Jatto’s friends jumped on the post to add pepper to the recipe. Even the Victor guy showed his face (after someone tagged him) but apparently made no commitment as at the time we went through the comments.

Yes, we were in the comments. We’re jobless, right?

Jatto, according to her Facebook profile, is an “award-winning bathroom singer”, whatever that means. She is also a content creator. We thought it’s all bants. We really had to slide inbox to ask her if she was for real or just trying to catch cruise or chase clout.

“I am for real,” she said.

Well, we believe her.

You don’t? See her post for yourself or head over to her wall if the aproko inside you isn’t satisfied with this gist.

Source: Facebook

And for those of you interested in catching her bullet or even in shooting her yourself, please don’t be unfortunate 😂

He get why 👇

Source: Facebook

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