Father-in-law conducts secret DNA tests on grandkids only to discover his own son belongs to someone else

A shocking DNA scandal is reportedly rocking an unnamed Nigerian family where a suspicious grandpa allegedly got more than he bargained for.

The old man reportedly suspected that his son’s children may belong to someone else.

“One time,” the story goes, “when his grandkids were at his house, he took them for a DNA test, the results of which showed they didn’t share DNA with him.”

“He then told his son. The news engaged his daughter-in-law who then insisted on repeat DNA which showed that the children really belonged to her husband.

“And that was how the old man discovered that the young man was not his son,” the tale goes.

The story is going viral on Facebook and WhatsApp but it remain unconfirmed.

Journalist Kayode Badmus, however, suggested that the story is real because an informant related it to him.

He said, according to the informant, the grandpa conducted the test because he hated the his son’s wife.

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