Islamic cleric Sheikh Gumi reportedly negotiates with bandits

A photo of popular Islami cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi in the midst of armed bandits have gone viral.

He is reportedly using “the word of God” to negotiate the surrender of the bandits who have been terrorising the northern part of Nigeria.

Political commentator Mohammed Zagga provided context on the photo.

“For the sake clarity, Sheikh Ahmad Gummi is not offering money to the bandits,” Zagga said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“His only negotiating tool is the word of God. If you can use religion to change behaviour and end criminality, I see no reason why anyone should accuse him of aiding and abetting banditry. Such suggestions are absurd and utterly unfair.

“If security is everybody’s business, I see nothing wrong with his private initiative to talk the bandits out of criminality and crimes against humanity.

“If he can successfully persuade the bandits to lay down their arms and return to normal life, he should be encouraged.

“There can’t be only one solution to a complex and persistent security problem.

“I don’t think it’s wrong for religious leaders like Dr Gummi taking private initiative aimed at finding a lasting solution to this security challenge,” he said.

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