Go away!: EndSARS protesters chase Pasuma out of Lagos venue

Fuji singer Wasiu Alabi Odetola alias Pasuma Wonder joined joined the EndSARS protest in Lagos on Sunday.

The demonatrators, however, turned Pasuma away and told him he wasn’t welcome at the Alausa, Ikeja protest ground.

Before he was chased out of the venue, Pasuma was seen with a microphone addressing the crowd. It was not immediately clear what Pasuma said to draw displeasure from the protesters who are calling for comprehensive police reform.

The fuji musician later took to his Instagram account to call for peaceful cooperation.

“I join and lend my support to the NIGERIAN YOUTHS on this landmark, peaceful protests to END all form of anomalies, excesses and bad governance posing threat to our country’s development and great image,” Pasuma wrote.

“It is more disheartening and discouraging to see how bad leadership continues to destroy the country’s potential, especially that of the youths (Our Supposed Future Leaders), dwindling their hopes and dreams.

“We would encourage youths to make the protests more peaceful as they cry louder and ensure their voices echo to the end of the world, until the needful is met.

“Let there be no violence, chaos of any sort, but the MOVEMENT for justice and GOOD GOVERNANCE! We fight for a safer, developed clime and a Better NAIJA as we wouldn’t keep silent but SORO-SOKE! Long live NAIJA! God bless our Youths. #Endsars #Endswat #endpolicebrutalityinnigeria.”

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