‘All channels now free as Anonymous hacks DSTV, GoTV’

Hackers have gained control of Multichoice cable services and given customers access to all channels, some online users speculate.

Some Nigerian users reported being able to watch premium DSTV and GoTV channels they didn’t even subscribe to.

They are crediting the suspected hack to Anonymous, a group of activist hackers who, in solidarity with EndSARS demonstrations, have been attacking websites belonging to the Nigerian government.

But others are wary and are calculating that the unlimited DSTV and GoTV could be a ploy by the Nigerian government to distract protesters.

Others say DSTV and GoTV opened the channels as a show of support for the protests.

Still others say Multichoice are upgrading their systems hence the issue. Multichoice has apparently confirmed this in a statement adding that the upgrade would last till 4pm on Monday.

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