General overseer ‘demands N500,000 to transfer anointing to Nigerian pastor’

Ninyo Omidiji said one of this friends, Ekpa Attai John, shared a personal experience with him.

Omidiji is a medical doctor. He uses his Facebook page to warn Nigerians about the dangers of following pastors blindly.

Here’s what he, on Sunday, said his friend wrote:

Doctor sir, I was once a pastor in an assembly in Abuja many years ago. You have not heard anything oh. Things are happening behind many pulpits, sir.

I left because I knew most of the practices were no longer shepherding and discipleship. The kind of witchcraftcy and hypnosis going on in many assemblies are alarming.

In 2002/2003, I was to be ordained in an assembly in Abuja. The ordination was to cost a whooping N500,000 at that time.

A general overseer was ready to pay for me and any of us on the condition that we must not leave his ministry until after 10 years, during which the certificate of ordination won’t be given to us but kept with him.

I asked why the N500,000? I was told it was for spiritual impartation. The ordination was to take place in Enugu State and only one elderly man did ordain pastors then.

We were to spend seven nights with him and on the last day, our faces would be washed and we must see vision.

I ran and never went back.

The pulpits are dominated by sorcerers, witdoctors, herbalist, fraudsters etc — people who have no link to Christ.

Many people don’t know why we are speaking up. To them we are antichrists.

I have been offered incense, dried leaves, etc for prayers. Many followers of these denominations don’t have an idea of what their so-called pastors are into.

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