Cancelled wedding: Essa Ogorry’s death a lesson to wicked pastors — Charles Awuzie

Cyber security expert and Facebook preacher Charles Awuzie has reacted to news of the death of Pastor Essa Ogorry.

Ogorry, of Fulfilling Word Foundation Church, passed away in the early hours of Tuesday.

Awuzie, whose comments on the alleged sex scandal rocking Omega Fire Ministries founder Apostle Suleman went viral, had this to say about Ogorry’s passing:

“Last week, Pastor Essa from Port Harcourt, Nigeria cancelled the wedding of a couple who had served in his church for 12 years. The pastor canceled the wedding because the couple arrived a few minutes late to their wedding.

“The news went viral on social media but I refused to comment because of the level of wickedness I sensed in such heartless act.

“This morning, we woke up to the sad news of the death of the same pastor.

“Now, this is one of the deepest lessons in life. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

“Many people have accused me of sometimes being a bit soft on false prophets, bad guys, etc. They said I’m not tough like so, so and so.

Charles Awuzie.

“I laugh when I hear such because they don’t know that life is deeper than being right, passionate or even being morally upright. There’s a higher side of life that has to do with being merciful, compassionate and lowering the standards to accommodate weaker people.

“That’s what this pastor lacked: compassion.

“So in his death, he is not being remembered as one of the best preachers in Port Harcourt. He is, rather, being remembered as the pastor who cancelled the wedding of a couple for being late.

By the way, he lost his wife exactly this day (16th February) one year ago and many people are saying he may have desired the sister whose wedding he canceled.

“Friends, be merciful, be compassionate even while pursuing your passion for truth and what’s right.”

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  1. The comments of Charles are the most callous and uncomplimentary comments any one could make in the circumstances. First, just to honour the couple in question, the pastor, in spite of his health condition flew to Port Harcourt from Abuja. Isn’t that something?

    Secondly, the begging question is: why in the world would you come 40 minutes late for your own wedding? No serious minded person shows up late for his/her own wedding! You chose the date and time and you will come late?

    Understand that in civilised environments, time is of the essence in relationships, you show respect and value people. And there is no better way to demonstrate this than respecting their time! Whether you are high up there or low than there, value people’s time! If the pastor stayed in the office while the couple and their guests waited for 40 minutes in the auditorium, there would have been an outrage as well! So, why is every carrying on as though it is normal to keep the officiating minister waiting for 40 minutes?

    The death of the dear man of God is sad! Could his condition have been aggravated by the demands of the journey to and fro Port Harcourt? Only God knows! But it is possible! That being the case, that couple should cry, knowing that indirectly, they contributed to the death of the Man of God!

    Whereas I am not joining issues with Charles who is alleged to be a Facebook preacher – I don’t know whether he is a preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus or just a social preacher/critic – be rest assured that the Pastor will be remembered for his good works, including trying to raised a disciplined and focused congregation.

    Some people lack basic training, ethics and etiquette and the church is a place for training and discipline! Christians are disciples – disciplined followers of Jesus Christ.

    May the Pastor’s soul rest in peace. Amen!

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