Buhari government threatens to close borders again

Nigeria may consider shutting its borders again if neighbouring countries make “trouble”, the presidency says.

The Muhammadu Buhari government shut the borders in 2019 to protect rice farmers and curb illicit weapons flow.

The borders were reponed on December 16 but could be shut again if there is “trouble”, Buhari’s media aide Garba Shehu said while appearing on Channels TV today.

“This country has been talking to our neighbours, asking them that they cooperate with us in order to stop this influx of bandits, weapons, drugs and trafficking of Nigerian women but the cooperation has not measured up to the expectation of the president,” Shehu said.

“This is why he was forced by the necessity of the situation to shut down the borders.

“Now, we are reopening in the hope that the agreement we struck with them, that they will work hand in hand with our own security agencies, with our own customs, on a trial basis, because not all entry points have been reopened.

“It will be tried, if it works well, then others will be reopened. If there is trouble, then the government may have a rethink.”

“It is the technical committee that will advise the government on how well things are working now that we have reopened four points out of the numerous that we have,” Shehu said.

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