UK’s ‘new’ COVID-19 strain has been in Nigeria since August — scientists

The United Kingdom’s “lineage B.1.1.7” variant of the coronavirus global has made its way into Nigeria, scientists at the Redeemer’s University (RUN), say.

They reported that the mutant variant had been existing in Osun State since August 3, 2020, when they obtained the first sample.

They also reported the collection of another sample from the state in October, and it also showed the presence of this new variant.

The “lineage B.1.1.7” variant of COVID-19 has recently become a source of concern in the United Kingdom, leading to another round of lockdown.

Scientists believe the new strain spreads faster but it is not yet clear if it kills faster, or even, as fast as its predecessors.

Coronaviruses are know to weaken with every mutation. While new strains spread faster, they simply become less deadly, experts say.

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