Apostle Suleman allegedly dated young lady he threatened to kill

Scroll down to listen to the original phone call.

Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) general overseer Apostle Johnson Suleman has admitted to threatening the life of a young woman.

Appearing alongside his wife in a video on Saturday, Suleman apologised for the threat he said he made in anger during a phone call with the lady three years ago. He said he has apologised to his church and to the lady. Suleman made the clarification after former OFM pastor Mike Davids allegedly manipulated a recording of the phone call to make it seem like he, and not the young lady, was the one Suleman threatened.

Cyber security expert Charles Awuzie said Suleman’s admission to threatening the life of another person could force the police to arrest the popular apostle. In the audio, Suleman threatened to make the lady disappear and die prematurely.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Awuzie suggested that Suleman and the unnamed young lady, whom he said is now in hiding over fears for her life, were having an affair.

“Think about it, he said. “He (Suleman) stepped out to answer the call because it is private.”

“There was something they both were covering which was almost becoming obvious. Use your mind here. The guy (Suleman) didn’t want that thing to become obvious.

“It took this threat and many others to silence the girl and turn her into a shadow of herself. She’s living in fear every day and strange people call her to threaten further.

“So, Mike Davids hijacked a genuine case to settle his own issue. But there’s a girl somewhere languishing in deep fear and agony.

“Does anyone care for that little girl or everyone cares about the daddy G.O?Shouldn’t Christianity be about protecting the most vulnerable and not defending the powerful?

“Will you defend a man who threatened to make your sister or daughter to disappear? If you have a conscience, you will stop defending anyone except the truth, the vulnerable and the dying.

“But let this be known to all, as a cybersecurity expert, all data are backed up in a cloud which can be triggered if anything goes wrong.

“If anything happens to the girl or anyone who knows this case, there will be no hiding place for anyone.

“Everyone who date you must not end up in pieces,” he said.

Awuzie did not refer to Suleman by name. He only made a reference. We added Suleman’s name to the quote for emphasis and clarity.

Meanwhile, Suleman and Davids are locked in a legal battle and messy media war. Davids dragged Suleman to court for alleged marital interference. He accused the apostle of hypnotising his wife, having sex with her in the presence of her baby daughter and denying him access to their children. He wants N2 billion in damages.

Suleman, on the other hand, sued Davids for alleged libel. Davids’ wife Faith Edeko, who is still an OFM pastor, says her husband his lying.

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