Alert as ‘large number of armed Fulani herdsmen enter Ondo Town’

Over two truckloads of Fulani herdsmen armed with AK-47s have reportedly arrived in Igoba community in the Akure North local government area of Ondo state.

A source said the two truckloads of herdsmen entered the town in the wee hours of Thursday.

He also alleged that they were all armed with AK-47 rifles, arriving at the remote part of the town which is basically surrounded by bushes.

“This morning around 3 am, two trailers filled with a troop of Fulani men armed with AK-47s entered the town,” the unnamed source told Sahara Reporters.

“The Fulani herdsmen have captured Igoba, in Akure North, they plan to attack, they came in their numbers. That place is not that developed, it’s basically surrounded by bush. The Fulani herdsmen have even become indigenes at Igoba, they live there, speak Yoruba fluently, they are the ones providing accommodation to the ones who just arrived.

“Aside from that, early this morning, in another part of Akure, at Oja Oba market, the Fulani herdsmen attacked some women. The Fulani herdsmen were in Army uniforms but they are not soldiers, they struck some with knives, they injured people but they didn’t stay for long, they did what they wanted to do and left.

“Please, we want the government to come to our aid, the security agencies should also rise to their duties. People should not die for nothing.”

Residents of Adeoye, Akinrimisi and Ajaye in Ondo Town, had expressed fear as they had observed Fulani herdsmen in their numbers invading their areas with weapons and setting up hideouts for an imminent attack.

Fulani herdsmen reportedly attacked one of the areas on Monday night up till Tuesday morning in a “test-run” as residents lamented that the police and the soldiers deployed in their area only extort money from motorists and turn their backs on the attackers.

Sahara Reporters

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