There’ll be nationwide bloodshed over bandits, blind prophet warns Buhari

Hour of Mercy Prayer Mountain founder Prophet Moses Muyideen Kasali has warned President Muhammadu Buhari of impending war and bloodshed in the country.

Kasali, who is visually impaired, said Buhari must rein in the criminals in the forests and the ethnic agitators drumming beats of war.

Kasali called for an urgent meeting among the president and the top officials of his government to chart a way out of impending doom.

“There is trouble in the land,” Kasali said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The military chiefs, traditional rulers, religious leaders, the academic and all stakeholders must rise to the occasion and ensure the impending war which would consume the nation was staved off. The war is looming; we should prevent it. The destructive effect of the war could only be better imagined.

“The president should summon an urgent meeting with the Vice President, Senate President and House of Representatives Speaker for them to plan and take decisions on the way out of the present situation the country has found itself.

“They should smoke out all the criminals hiding in the bushes and forests. Those criminals that were aided into the country by politicians and parading themselves as Nigerians should be made to return to their country.

“This is time for sober reflection in Nigeria and not celebrations. We need to take the matter of the country to God for divine intervention. We should call on God. Let us turn to God in prayers.

“Nigerians are daily promoting divisive tendencies and ethnic sentiments. The fruits of the seeds being planted though these will not be palatable. Nigerians should be warned.

“Let us promote peace and unity — Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo and other ethnic regions. Let us embrace peace,” the Ekiti based cleric said.

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