Abiodun Bolarinwa: Politician ‘shoots 3 protesters over battle for microphone’

Abiodun Bolarinwa, said to be a local politician, has been accused of shooting at several protesters in Abule Egba, Lagos.

Bolarinwa, a witness alleged, hit at least three people who are now battling for their lives in hospital. He allegedly shot one of them multiple times.

“This man came to Abule Egba protest ground to address the people,” Jody The DJ who claimed to have witnessed the shooting, said in a series of tweets on Tuesday.

“We denied him because he’s a political person,” the claimed witness said.

“He had to leave in annoyance and the people were chanting behind him with placards. Abiodun Bolarinwa brought out a gun and shot down three protesters instantly.

“Apparently, three peaceful protesters are fighting for their lives now. One injured and have been taken care of.

“Mr Abiodun Bolarinwa from Abule-Egba did this to the peaceful protesters under the bridge today.

“One of the people he shot multiple times is currently at Orile Agege General Hospital. We are still trying to locate the rest people he shot.”



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